The Home That Runs on Dunkin’

Sustainable energy

In 2018 New Frontier and Dunkin’ partnered for a truly innovative project in the world of sustainability. The goal: to power an entire tiny house with a coffee bean biofuel made from spent coffee grounds. The tiny home was aptly named: The Home that Runs on Dunkin’.

Blue Marble Biomaterials, a sustainable biochemical company, to create eco-friendly biofuel from about 65,000 pounds of spent Dunkin’ coffee grounds. New Frontier engineered the electrical system to maximize the efficiency of the biofuel while still powering all the appliances and amenities.





Some celebrity assistance

We collaborated with the inimitable Olivia Wilde on the interior design of the home. Needless to say, working with her was an amazing experience. She was such a pleasure to work with: humble, funny, intelligent, and kind.

In October, The Home that Runs on Dunkin’ was brought up to the iconic Washington Square Park in Manhattan where it was opened up to the public for a week. Over 20,000 people passed through the home, and the praise was overwhelmingly, enthusiastically positive.

Washington Square Park Feature

Tiny home from far away in a secluded clearing with sunset in background
Orange walled dining area in dunkin tiny home
Tiny home with dunkin spelled out in grass in front

The Press

New Frontier Tiny Homes
New Frontier Tiny Homes
New Frontier Tiny Homes
New Frontier Tiny Homes
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New Frontier Tiny Homes

The Home that Runs on Dunkin’ has been featured on the Today Show, CBS Nightly News, and in over 50 different publications including Architectural Digest, Ad Week, Curbed, and Food and Wine to name a few.

The whole idea for the project was dreamt up by the Hill Holliday Agency. They were delightful to work with, and we will always be grateful that they choose us for this truly remarkable project. All of the video was directed and produced by Element CC.

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