One of the biggest ways to help yourself on your tiny house land search is to network with other tiny home owners via Facebook and blogs. Additionally, here are several resources that have proven successful for our customers:

Facebook group that connects tiny home owners with landowners

Try It Tiny


The Tiny Life blog

This X Life blog


  • Here is a good starting place for the nation at large.


  • Tiny Houses added to a property with an existing structure are considered DADUs (Detached Accessory Dwelling Units).

  • In short, you can put a tiny house on any properties that are zoned R80-R6, RM2-RM20-A, RM40-RM100A, OR20-OR40A and ORI and ORI-A; AND in an historic overlay are eligible

  • HERE and HERE are links to pages with DADU information and zoning codes for Nashville.

  • HERE is a Metro Nashville map that will show the zoning for your property. Just punch in your address and refer to the above lists to know if your property is eligible.