Yes, all of our craftsmanship has a standard 1 year warranty. Appliances will have their own 3rd party warranty. For customers located far away, we’ll find a local contractor and source any repairs for you.

If you are interested in financing your New Frontier Tiny House, we recommend a couple of options. It is difficult to get loans for tiny houses. We do NOT offer in house financing, nor do we offer personalized financing advice.

We recommend starting with your personal local banking relationships – go to local banks first and apply for a personal loan or construction loan. 

Here are options that have worked for customers in the past:

  • LightStream: a division of SunTrust Bank, helps customers with good to excellent credit profiles get access to the funds you need. We may be compensated by LightStream through this link.

  • SoFi: offers personal loans, one customer has found success here.

  • Prosper: offers personal loans

We can make our houses RVIA certified (ANSI approved). Even with RVIA Certification, RV loans can be difficult to acquire for tiny homes on wheels. Remember to get creative, and seek out all options–you can patch together multiple sources for your financing.