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Written by: Jennifer Baum Lagdameo / Publish Date: 10 May 2018

The newest model from New Frontier Tiny Homes was designed for bestselling author Cornelia Funke, and is now available for $125,000.

When acclaimed German children’s author Cornelia Funke, best known for the Inkheart trilogy, first contacted David Latimer of Nashville–based New Frontier Tiny Homes, she was living in Los Angeles and looking to buy beachside property. Additionally, she wanted to build an off-grid, tiny home on the property which could serve as both a writing studio and guest quarters for visiting friends. When she finally found the right piece of land, an old avocado farm near Zuma Beach in Malibu, she commissioned Latimar to craft a customized tiny home at his facility in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 250-square-foot unit was built on a trailer, and after completion, Latimar drove it out to Funke’s Malibu property to personally deliver it himself. Funke was so happy with the results that after a few days, she ordered another.

Now anyone can order the Cornelia Tiny House, which comes in at around $125,000 (depending on customizations). New Frontiers also offers a larger version of the Cornelia with an extra ground-floor bed, a larger kitchen, and a larger full bath. Scroll through for a look inside the original Cornelia, which was photographed in Nashville prior to its big move out West.

Interior of Cornelia

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Writer: Betty Wood / Publish Date: 20 April 2018

They say it’s not about size, it’s how you use it – and this clever tiny home belies its square-footage by maximizing its height.

Originally conceived by New Frontier Tiny Homes for children’s author Cornelia Funke, the cabin measures just 24 ft by 8.5 ft, but it feels bigger thanks to its soaring ceilings and clerestory windows which draw light into its rustic, Scandinavian-inspired interiors.


Interior of Cornelia


You can now order your own Cornelia cabin, which starts from $110,000. The tricked-out version will set you back $125,000, and comprises a living room with fold-down desk, small kitchen and bathroom. Both versions are fully mobile thanks to their trailer bases.

Should a case of writer’s block strike, there’s a king-sized sleeping loft for restorative snoozing. It is tucked above the kitchen and reached via ladders.



The versatile studio is ready to hook up to the mains, but can be customized further (budget dependent) to include eco-features such as compost toilets, zero-waste water systems and solar panels.

It takes around three months for delivery, and can be used as a writer’s den, guesthouse – or even a library.

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Writer: Nicole Jewell / Publish Date: 20 April 2018

One of the best things to come from the tiny home trend is the peace of living in a quiet atmosphere – which is especially important for writers. At the request of renowned children’s author Cornelia Funke, New Frontier Tiny Homes created The Cornelia — which is just 24 feet in length and 8.5 feet wide. Funke’s tiny house is a serene three-in-one space that can be used as a writing studio, a guest house and a library.

The Cornelia’s high vaulted ceilings provide the tiny house with plenty of vertical space. Abundant windows provide plenty of natural light and stunning views of the surrounding forest. Reclaimed barn wood covers the walls and ceilings, giving the home an inviting cabin feel. A small deck is covered with a wooden awning, creating a serene spot to enjoy the outdoors.

The designers customized the layout of the compact space to fit Funke’s needs. High ledges span the length of both walls to provide ample space for storing books. Minimal furnishings open up the space and keep it safe from clutter. The desk, which is located under a large window, can be folded down when not in use.

A small, incredibly space-efficient kitchen is located on one end of the home and the bathroom is located in a corner of the living space. The loft, which fits a king-size bed, is accessible by a movable ladder. The efficient, modern design and lush surroundings offer plenty of inspiration for the tiny home’s creative inhabitant.

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Writer: James Gabriel Martin / Publish Date: 17 April 2018

The latest tiny dwelling from New Frontier Tiny Homes just might inspire you to downsize – and write a few best-selling books in the process. Named the Cornelia after internationally renowned children’s author Cornelia Funke, the tiny houseserves a three-in-one purpose as a writing studio, guest house and library.

In addition to being comfortable and cozy, the Cornelia also features luxe design elements and amenities, a staple of New Frontier’s tiny homes. The trailer measures 24 feet in length and 8.5 feet wide, but high vaulted ceilings help to give it a more spacious feel while also kicking the elegance factor up a notch. Clerestory windows allow plenty of light to easily permeate the space and offers unobstructed views of the surrounding forest.

The interior is both modern and rustic in appearance, thanks to stylish Scandinavian-inspired furniture and the reclaimed barn wood that covers the walls and ceilings. The creative layout easily allows enough room for a kitchen complete with drawers, shelves, a sink, a window and a hidden dishwasher that helps to maximize space. There’s also a flexible living room, a small bathroom, a loft-style king-size bed that’s accessible by a movable ladder, and a fold-out desk that can be stored when it’s not in use. High ledges run the length of the living space, allowing for quite a bit of book storage. Also, there’s an awning that makes for a nice, shady hangout spot.

The asking price for a pared down version of the Cornelia is $110,000, while the spiffier model will run you $125,000, both of which are on the more expensive side for tiny homes. But with a New Frontier home, there are premium advantages that other tiny houses may not offer, like sleeping in a bedroom that won’t leaving you feeling claustrophobic and taking comfort in the fact that what your home lacks in size, it more than makes up for in style.

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Writer: Liz Stinson / Publish Date: 12 April 2018

New Frontier Tiny Homes, maker of ultra-luxe tiny houses, is known for its high-price, high-design models. In years past, the company has made a series of micro dwellings that come tricked out with full-size amenities like exposed beam ceilings, cantilevered bedrooms, and transformable design touches that turn stairs into to a dining table.

New Frontier’s latest home, named Cornelia for the bestselling author Cornelia Funke, follows the same architectural tradition with a small trailer that pulls triple duty as a guest house, writing studio, and library.

Interior of Cornelia

The Cornelia has many of the design touches found in other New Frontier homes—the dark wood, Scandinavian-style furniture, and overall modern-rustic feel; only this tiny home comes with a fold-down desk that looks out onto the forest for maximum writing vibes.

The $125,000 model also has a small kitchen, bathroom, and lofted king-size bed nook for those times when you need to sleep off writer’s block.

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Writer: James Kimberley Mok / Publish Date: 10 April 2018



There are tiny houses for all kinds of budgets: ultra-affordable, do-it-yourself affairs, or vehicles converted into tiny houses on wheels, and on the other end of the spectrum, high-end, luxurious tiny gems that have price tags to match. Designed and built by Nashville, Tennessee company New Frontier (previously), this tiny house comes into the latter category. It’s a small-scale guesthouse when not occupied, but also a writing studio and library for author Cornelia Funke.

It’s all about natural daylighting here: constructed on a 24-foot-long trailer and measuring 8.5 feet wide, the elegant yet rustic dwelling features a large glazed front facade, as well as a clerestory of windows that permits the sunlight to pour in — no doubt imparting great inspiration for productive writing sessions. In addition, the windows above also give the impression that the roof is higher than it is, offering the impression of greater space, which is emphasized by that huge awning that projects out and beyond the well-insulated house.


Interior of Cornelia


The kitchen is relatively smaller to make way for a larger living room; however, it’s still got a sink and storage, and is painted in a bold, modern colour scheme of gray and yellow. There is a hidden dishwasher in one of the drawers, to save space.

Situated beside the kitchen, the bathroom is simple but functional and has been covered in a vibrant green.



The sleeping loft is accessible via a ladder, and offers a sweeping view over the the rest of the house. There is enough space here for a king-sized bed. From here you can see the library shelving high up, and the rods that support the movable ladder which allows for access to books on the shelves.



The cost for Cornelia Funke’s 204-square-foot live-work space is an eye-popping USD $125,000 — which is quite expensive for a tiny house (though the company does make a more basic version of this home for $110,000). All that may seem to fly in the face of the tiny house movement’s fundamental desire for simpler, happier living with less possessions in a smaller space, but there’s still plenty of positives of at least embracing the concept that ‘smaller is better’. To see more, visit New Frontier.